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Play Fills Like Elvin Jones

April 2015 Edition


Jonesin’ to Get Some Elvin
in Your Playing?

John Xepoleas demonstrates ways to create high-energy, Elvin Jones-style triplet fills based on common jazz phrases.



Mutual Appreciation:
Peter Erskine and Tama
STAR Drums

“Tama STAR is, in my opinion, the finest drumset being made today. STAR drums sound amazing and are so rewarding to play. And Tama’s hardware is equally exquisite…very clever…a real joy to use.”
–Peter Erskine

Born from the most rigorous R&D effort ever mounted by the drum builder, Tama’s lead designers questioned and reexamined every detail of the status quo–including their own assumptions–on the road to introducing STAR drums and hardware.

Was it worth it?

How would you feel if you built the drums that make Peter Erskine smile?

Protect Those Platters!

See how Cymgard’s cymbal accessories keep your bronze safe — and, when you want, quiet.

VIDEO Drum Miking 101 Pt 2


Go Four It!

Last month MD electronics expert John Emrich captured killer sounds with three microphones. Now see what you can do by adding one more mic to your setup.

The Pros Are Switching to Carmichael Drum Thrones
Carmichael Drum ThroneCarmine Appice, Todd Sucherman, Shannon Larkin, and many more! Why? Our patented seat design greatly reduces pressure to the spine, tailbone, and pelvic floor, allowing you to rehearse, gig, and record for longer periods of time. Rock on with more comfort, energy, and style on Carmichael Drum Thrones and enjoy the benefits.

Say It, Play It: Pataflafla Builder

Bill Bachman on developing a challenging, colorful rudiment.

Gregg Bissonette and Abe Laboriel Jr.!

David Garfield & Creatchy Records thank you for many years of incredible work and friendship. It’s been an extreme pleasure watching both of you grow and excel in your musicianship and careers!

The album Giving Back by David Garfield features Gregg at his best playing with the great Vinnie Colaiuta.

Brotherly Love by Mike Porcaro features Gregg with Steve Gadd.

On Tribute to Jeff Gregg spearheaded a 21-drum salute to Jeff Porcaro, which included Abe Jr., Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Steve Jordan, Jim Keltner, and Simon Phillips. The track “Lowdown” features a nasty groove by Abe Jr. and was one of the most popular songs on the album.

Well, Isn’t That Special?

Listen to audio of the GMS Special Edition series drumset.

VIDEO Drum Miking 101 Pt 2

Zildjian t-Rigg

Attack Drum Heads

TAMA Superstar

Find Out What’s Happening in the Drumming Trenches with MD‘s Drummer Blogs

Translator's Dave Scheff Talks Past Influences and Upcoming ShowsTranslator’s Dave Scheff Talks Past Influences and Upcoming Shows

Though I’ve drummed my way across the spectrum, with acts as disparate as comedian Jerry Van Dyke, icon Joan Baez, and Dead Kennedys….Read the full post here.

Bayside's Chris Guglielmo Explains the Hits Between the HitsBayside’s Chris Guglielmo Explains the Hits Between the Hits

If you were to tell me less than ten years ago that I was going to grow up and be a drummer, I likely would have thought you were insane. There was not a musical bone in my body, I had never taken lessons or even expressed interest in doing so….Read the full post here.

Downtrend's J.D. Hall on Fusing Backwoods Heritage and MetalDowntrend’s J.D. Hall on Fusing Backwoods Heritage and Metal

Greetings, MD readers! My last blog was back in 2010 and much has happened since then. I am currently slamming the skins for the Pikeville, Kentucky-based hard rock/metal….Read the full post here.

Brutai's Mathieu BauerBrutai’s Mathieu Bauer

Hello world! Mathieu Bauer here, of the band Brutai. I am French and twenty-two years old, but most of all I am a drummer…. Read the full post here.

The Ultimate Training, Practice, and Warm-Up for Your Feet!

Would you like to improve your single, double, or hi-hat pedal technique, strength, speed, and endurance? Do you have difficulty finding the time or space for practicing your pedal chops? Or even warming up before the show? The Fütz Practice Pedal is the most compact, affordable, convenient, and versatile pedal on the planet. WFD world record holder Mike Mallais talks about how he benefited from using the Fütz for 3 years to contend and conquer the World’s Fastest Feet competition. His records still stand today. Click here to see Mike’s interview and feet in action!

• 1,034 strokes in 1 minute
• 4,595 strokes in 5 minutes
• 13,309 strokes in 15 minutes

Introduced in 2003, drummers are still raving and using these every day. Recommended by some of the top drummers and educators, like Thomas Lang, Rich Redmond, Mike Mangini, Carmine Appice, Johnny Rabb, Ndugu Chancler, and Dave Stanoch…the list goes on.

Certified Organic

See video of Zildjian’s 21″ K Custom Organic ride and 20″ K Constantinople Renaissance ride.

VIDEO Drum Miking 101 Pt 2

The Lift
The Lift“The Lift affected my positioning in a way that makes me feel more comfortable, and most importantly it changed the sound of my 22″ bass drum–I’ve been Lifted!”
–Will Kennedy

“I always use the the Lift on my 18″ drum.”
–Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez

The Lift works with 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, and 24″ bass drums. View its benefits here.

Better sound–allows the beater to strike the drumhead at a more desirable position. Better projection–raises the bass drum to offer more room to resonate. Double pedal friendly–affords positioning of beaters to strike on both sides of center. Prevents wear to hoops–eliminates the attachment of the bass drum pedal to the drum hoop. Eliminates vibration–made of poly-filled nylon, eliminates vibration to the foot pedal. Affordably priced–priced for both the professional and enthusiast drummer.

Click here to order.

Can a Castle Be Conical?

Massachusetts-based craftsman David Cheney’s Castle brand features conical snare drums. Find out how they sound right here.

VIDEO Drum Miking 101 Pt 2

The May 2015 issu of Modern Drummer with Jojo Mayer

Vector Rimriser


The Footiments

Modern Drummer on Instagram


A Whole Lotta Zep, and Much More

Our May 2015 Spotify Playlist begins and ends with two classic tracks from the Encore-worthy Physical Graffiti double album. In between, there’s two more solid hours of drumming heaven.

Click here to listen.


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Find tutors (UK, US and Aus)

Photo Copyright © 2012


Drum / Percussion Teachers


Sophie Pape - Drum Teacher

Sophie Hardwick – Drum Teacher

1. Sophie Hardwick

I am Drum tutor working around Coventry and teaching full time within various schools and to private students. I currently teach in these schools:

Modern Music SchoolSt. Christopher’s PrimaryManor Park Primary SchoolMy qualifications:

    Teaching Diploma Grade 8 Merit BTEC music performance

I have trained at Nexus Music College for three years and been involved in teaching the 1st year course when in my third year. Before that I trained in a BTEC music performance course. Over the years I have gained a wealth of live experience playing with a variety of people on large and small stages alike. I am committed to passing on this experience and training musicians to be able to perform their best in any circumstance.

2. Emily Witham

Emily Witham Chetenham Drum Tutor and Musician:)


I offer drum lessons from beginner to intermediate and for all ages in the Gloucestershire area. I can teach on either acoustic or electric drums, depending on student preference.

If you’d like to arrange a lesson or find out more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Drum Lesson Enrolments for Term 3 2013 ,Drum Lessons For Adults and Children,Distance e-LearningLessons 

Drum Lesson Enrolments for Term 3 2013 now open and other happenings

July 10, 2013 /

Simon / Drum Talk, Instruction

Wow I can’t get over how this year is flashing by, lots of cool things happening at the moment both in my own music world and also that of my students. Some of my students are now actively gigging in successful bands and really making a go of it. Billy O’Key deserves a special mention as his playing has really developed over the last couple of years so much so that I trust him to fill in for some of my gigs that I can’t do. He’s now gigging,touring and doing some teaching himself,really pleased for him. Others have been preparing for the upcoming Trinity College Rock and pop exams coming later in the year. This is a really good course that I believe offers a fresher and more enjoyable approach than other outdated examination boards. The emphasis is on playing music in a performance situation and it’s really going down well with students of all ages. I’ve got about 4 spaces available for this next term, two on a Saturday morning and a couple of midweek afternoon/early evening slots. Please get in touch now if you’re interested in a free trial lesson. This free lesson is just that,no obligation,no nagging emails or calls. Come and try it out and get your introduction pack and if it’s not for you then don’t come back. Though I’m happy to say that the vast majority of people do!

Drum Lessons For Adults and Children in Sydney Northern Beaches

May 13, 2013 /

Simon / Drum Talk, Instruction

One question I get asked a lot from adults is “Am I tool old to learn drums?” The answer is definitely No, you’re never too old to take up the drums! I’m getting more and more adults coming for lessons lately and they’re getting some great results. I think learning a musical instrument like the drums is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have and you can get results pretty quickly with a bit of focused effort and a few lessons. I’d say around 25% of my students are now over 40 and for some drumming becomes a big part of their lives as they discover the joy of playing an instrument in a group setting and start gigging with local bands. So if you’ve ever had an inkling that you’d like to learn the drums and want to come along for a free trial lesson please get in touch. You just might find that spark you’ve been looking for!

Distance e-Learning Drum Lessons Now Available

February 6, 2013 /

Simon / Drum Talk, Instruction

Online Drum Lessons now available form anywhere in the World! A proper lesson tailored to your specific needs with feedback and guidance. Not just a bundle of random information. Please check out my online drum lessons information page here


Dave Lourie

Dave Lourie

Has Studied with; Steve Smith (Journey, Steps Ahead) Stanton Moore Ralph Salmins Craig Blundell

Dave is also endorsed as an artist by Yamaha and Zildjian.

Steve Wall

Steve Wall

Drum Tuition Steve offers drum set tuition in all styles of music ranging from: Pop, Rock, Latin/Afro Cuban, Jazz and many more. Whether you are a complete novice or have been playing for some time, Steve will tailor a course of instruction and set out a suitable practise regimen to suit your level and needs.

Trinity Guildhall certification For those who wish to attain graded examinations, I have 13 years experience of (and an extremely good pass rate!) submitting drumming students to the Trinity Guildhall drum set examinations which are recognised and highly regarded world wide.

To read more about Steve or book some tuition follow this link: or if you would like to take a look at his student site follow this link

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A Drum Shop You Must Check Out!


Moore Music

At Moore Music, our Drum shop is everything you SHOULD EXPECT from a top notch, dedicated retailer of drums and percussion.  First and foremost, we are drummers serving drummers, with great gear and unparalleled service! We stock all of the best brands in the business, and ship most orders fast and FREE to anywhere in the contiguous United States.  We are particularly proud of our cymbal selection and the fact that all of our sound samples are of the actual cymbal you are purchasing!  You’ll find that we are competitively priced, but do offer price matching if for some reason someone has us beat.  Our website is clean and easy to navigate, and features Live Chat, so you can get your questions answered quickly and professionally!  Give us a look, and a chance to earn your business!

Cymbals at Moore Music