Book Eight in the 13 in 13 Reading Challenge: Gone Girl

words become superfluous

Good morning! Welcome to Tuesday – it’s a gorgeous, crispy fall day out today, my favourite kind of weather, and we’re going to celebrate all of this gorgeous crispiness by talking about murdering psychopaths.

gone girl book coverWhat?!? It’s not always about the Pumpkin Spice Lattes with me, you know.

Today we’re talking about Gillian Flynn’s novel “Gone Girl”, which I’m late to the party to, and made up for by devouring the entire book in one. single. day.

You guys. You guys.

Remember when I said “Luther” was intense? I changed my mind. “Luther” is all sparkles and cupcakes and fluffy bunnies. This is intense. Here’s your spoiler-free synopsis, in case you don’t listen to your younger sister who is much cooler than you and you never got around to reading this book months ago, either:

Nick and Amy Dunne look like that couple that everyone else gets jealous of at parties:…

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