Reese Witherspoon Lands ‘Women In Hollywood’ Cover For ‘ELLE’

Hollywood Life

In the upcoming November issue of ‘Elle,’ their annual Women in Hollywood edition focuses on four very different actresses’ experiences working in the film industry: Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz, Melissa McCarthy, and Shailene Woodley.

In Elle‘s ‘Women in Hollywood’ issue we get to hear from four amazing actresses and their views on being a woman in the film industry. Reese Witherspoon particularly opened up about her experience now that she’s also producing movies. “I started noticing a couple years ago that I wasn’t seeing women as the stars of movies. I’m seeing them as the guys’ girlfriends, or so-and-so’s wife. I just thought: God, if I don’t start buckling down and start producing some movies, what’s my daughter going to see in the movies?” The Oscar winning actress has produced both Legally Blonde  and Legally Blonde: Red White and Blonde (2009 and 2003 respectively), and the indie flick Penelope

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