Ignoring colonialism doesn’t make it go away


TWs: racism, mentions of abuse and violence, genocide, colonialism, imperialism

This coming weekend marks the celebration of Thanksgiving in Canada and Columbus Day in the United States of America. While Canada’s Thanksgiving doesn’t follow the mythologized trope of American Thanksgiving (we Canadians have an affinity to keep ourselves distinct from our southern neighbours) about the ‘friendly’ gathering between Indigenous Peoples and the pilgrims, it is very much like Columbus Day in that they are both events in Western history that marks the beginning of the conquest of the Americas by Europeans.

Canada traces the roots of its Thanksgiving celebration back to Martin Frobisher, in 1578. He was in a voyage from England in search of the Northwest Passage that eventually proved itself a failed expedition when he returned to England with what he thought was precious gold ore which turned out pretty worthless in the end. Meanwhile, Columbus Day is…

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