Running Through The Forest Of My Mind

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

woodsIt’s an unexpectedly gorgeous Autumn day in Maine, Modern Philosophers, so there was no way I was going to pass up on a chance to go for a run.

If I can wear shorts in October and not get frostbite, then I take that as a sign from the Fitness Gods that my place is out on the road working up a sweat.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s running post, I have a tendency to get wrapped up in my thoughts when I’m dashing through the streets in my running toga.  Most of the time, that’s a wonderful thing that allows me to drift off into a steady pace and make it home before I realize I’m even forcing myself to sweat.

Some days, though, I’d much rather the thoughts that rattled around in my brain simply muted themselves and allowed me some peace and quiet.  After yesterday’s Deep Thoughts…

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