Technology And Guitarists Part 2 – YouTube

Bruce Music

Following on from last week’s blog about using technology to your advantage as a guitarist, now I want to talk to you about YouTube.

If you can manage to navigate around the distraction of cats making cocktails and a Japanese football team’s physiotherapist scoring from the car park, there’s about 5 lifetimes’ worth of Guitar backing tracks to get to grips with.  There being such an array of backing tracks to choose from gives the some great opportunities.

You can practise a variety of styles, changing your entire musical canvas with a single click.
The first 4 (of 1,010,000) results for a search of “Guitar backing tracks” are “Power Ballad”, “Smooth Jazz”, “Blues” and “Hard Rock”.

One fantastic thing you can find by searching “<song name> guitar backing track” is either a backing track of that song minus guitar and vocals, or sometimes minus guitar but with original…

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