Weekly Drum News: Mike Mangini clinic tour

Mike Mangini clinic tour

Mike Mangini will do a European clinic tour with a total of 16 clinics in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands.

Mike has always been famous for his speed, control and accuracy, but once he became the drummer of world renowned band Dream Theather in 2010 his incredible drumming was seen by much more people and his status rose.
Now in 2013 he plays great new masterpieces on Dream Theater’s new album and he will show those in Europe in beginning of 2014.
Before he starts touring with Dream Theater he has made time to undertake a huge Pearl clinic tour from 25th of October to 17th of November 2013.

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If you’ve never experienced a clinic of Mike Mangini, you will get inspired by his enthusiasm, his useful tips, his insights and instructive exercises. He’s been teaching at Berklee College of Music and knows how to bring those instructions across. But foremost, he’s a spectacular and brilliant player and for sure great to watch!
Before his gig with Dream Theather, Mangini had a tremendous career teaching at Berklee, but also his gigs with Steve Vai, Annihilator, Extreme, James LaBrie, Steve Perry, Godsmack, Steven Tyler, Dale Bozzio and Skunk Baxter. In the nineties he published two important parts of his Rhythm Knowledge books, which are widely used teaching methods.
Mike feels well playing with Dream Theater. He mentioned that this drum style fits perfectly with the musicians of Dream Theater, and that he’s fond of all the drum parts that were previously written. His first album he played on, “A dramatic Turn of Events”, he was able to completely interpret the drum parts his way. On the new self titled album “Dream Theater “ Mike shows how he manages with all odd time signatures and time changes. It’s just spectacular!

Get inspired by Mike Mangini, come and see Mike Mangini at one of following clinics:
Friday 25 Oct 2013 Karlsruhe, Germany Rock Shop Trommeltage
Saturday 26 Oct 2013 Gmunden, Austria Superdrumming 2013
Sunday 27 Oct 2013 Paris, France Bag’Show 2013
Tuesday 29 Oct 2013 Niederlenz, Switzerland MP Schweiz
Thursday 31 Oct 2013 Diest, Belgium Adams Muziekcentrale
Friday 1 Nov 2013 Ittervoort, Netherlands Adams Drumworld

Saturday 2 Nov 2013 Roden, Netherlands Hit-it Drums & Percussion

Monday4 Nov 2013 Oslo, Norway 4Sound Schous Plass Oslo

Tuesday 5 Nov 2013 Gjovik, Norway 4Sound
Wednesday 6 Nov 2013 Moss, Norway 4Sound

Friday 8 Nov 2013 Kvadrat, Norway 4Sound Kvadrat/Sandnes

Saturday 9 Nov 2013 Bergen, Norway Pro Percussion / Musikk-Miljo

Tuesday 12Nov 2013 Bydgoszcz, Poland DrumCenter.pl
Wednesday 13 Nov 2013 Wroclaw, Poland Ostrowski Music
Thursday 14 Nov 2013 Warsaw, Poland ProDrum
Sunday 17 Nov 2013 Sevilla, Spain TamTam Drumfest 2013


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