Proof that Chocolate is Good for You

Lucky Wreck

Is what I googled last night at 2am after I downed the better part of a bag of chocolate candies when I couldn’t sleep. I thought a little bit  of healthy, dark chocolate would be okay, especially because I had gone for a run earlier that day. But a little bit turned out to be a whole family sized bag. I had also just read an article about the evils of sugar and carbs earlier that day, so the guilt factor about how much I had indulged was higher than usual.


To remedy my guilty feelings, I ate more…and then a little more (because I felt guilty about eating more…so I ate even more). Each time I ate more, my feelings of guilt were suspended as the chocolaty chocolate goodness flooded my brain. But, as soon as it was gone…BAM!!! Back to the land of the sneaky night-time chocolate over-eating. At…

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