To Be Successful…

Lucky Wreck

When I was a kid, I somehow got it in my head that a girl needs to be one of three things to be successful:

  • Beautiful
  • Smart
  • Good at Volleyball

Since no one was accusing me of being the next beauty queen….

I decided to focus my efforts on the other two things.  Preferably a combination of both.

My efforts to achieve genius in elementary school didn’t exactly turn out as I had hoped…


And being good at volley ball didn’t turn out so well, either.

So, I obsessively focused my efforts on trying to be smart.

After a lifetime of trying too hard, and countless hours of therapy, I no longer concern myself with such silly notions of what it means to be successful.  I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life, and take pride in ALL my successes…no matter how small. For example, yesterday, I successfully finished…

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