Happy Halloween!

Double, double, toil and trouble

Photo courtesy: www.msnliving.com
Photo courtesy: http://www.msnliving.com

A creepy presentation of your Halloween food and fixins’ can add to the decorative atmosphere of your party.

Concoct a cauldron of witches brew: Rinse a rubber or latex glove inside and out, then fill it with a red juice or punch, secure it closed and stick it in the freezer. Once frozen, cut the glove off and peel it from the ice hand. Then put the ice hand in your punch bowl. For the foamy, bubbling brew, Warner suggests combining pineapple juice with scoops of orange sherbet. Top the look off with the frozen hand.

We’re so excited about Halloween! Every year we look forward to celebrating here on the blog with you. Today we’ve teamed up with Canon USA to create three fun projects to get you in the mood for the spookiest time of the year. Enjoy!

First up, we created a simple party table with bottles of “poison” and cupcakes with cute hand drawn bat designs. You can download and print these at home to make your own simple party table! Happy Halloween party table (with free printables!) For all the projects in this post, we printed out what we needed using  the Canon PIXMA MG7120 photo printer on their 8.5″x11″ semi-gloss photo paper.

Download this printable to make your own cupcake toppers and bottle labels: Download Happy Halloween Note: If you have trouble downloading this, e-mail us at support@redvelvetart.com and we’ll e-mail it to you instead!Happy Halloween party table (with free printables!)  To use the “poison” bottle labels, just cut them out and tape them over an existing label. If you need a larger label, just use some cute ribbon or scrapbooking paper as an edge above and below the skull label.

Sources: Read more: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/personal-finance/halloween-planning-treats-1.aspx#ixzz2hV8ha6Gp  Follow us: @Bankrate on Twitter | Bankrate on Facebook



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