Wonder Woman

When it comes to casting an actress who has the perfect look for Wonder Woman, we simply cannot see past Lucy Griffiths, she simply has it all. Then there is the fact that Lucy is also a very talented actress, with a background in on-screen combat. Lucy is at that stage in her career, where she deserves her big break and playing Wonder Woman would be just that.

With all things considered, we do not feel that Gina Carano is quite ready to carry the weight of expectation that will come with playing Wonder Woman. Gina has only been in the acting game a short while and could do with a little more experience. As for Lucy Griffiths, her time is now and she fully deserves the chance to prove herself, by being cast as Wonder Woman.

Winner: Lucy Griffiths
Read more at….Lucy Griffiths

Gina Carano, Lucy Griffiths


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