The Truth Behind the Lie…

Lucky Wreck

Here it is. The follow-up to my version of 5 Truths and a Lie.  Thank you, Jess Witkins, for the inspiration! Five Truths and  Lie made deception delightful 😀

1. My front tooth is fake (it’s a dental lie). I ran into a pole whilst roller skating, and knocked the real one out.


Lesson: Live in the moment, but look at least two feet ahead of you if you are wearing roller skates.


This is the only one no one guessed as the lie. Apparently, the outcome of me + roller skates = predictable.


2. I got to ride in an ambulance after falling flat on my face at the testicle festival.


Lesson: Do not drink whiskey at an ambiguously named event.


I think I may have mentioned this one in a previous post, but this incident really sticks out for me when I review my…

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