Drum Circles

What’s a Drum Circle Anyway?

A drum circle is a group of people with drums who learn to express themselves and to communicate with the other members of the by sharing in the music they are making with the drum. Drum Circles break down social barriers, and bring people together.

Do I have to be a musician to be in a Drum Circle?

Absolutely not! Drum Circles are not meant to be serious and stressful music making events or concerts. Everybody can play a drum and whatever you do with your drum is correct. The beauty is that you can never make a mistake in a drum circle. Everything is cool! The only possible mistake you could make is not to have fun.

I have to play in a drum circle soon and I don’t know what to do or what to play.

  • Keep it simple. You’re not expected to be a virtuoso on the drum. Just play what you feel
  • Don’t hit the drum too hard because it’s not necessary and you’ll just end up hurting your hands

Watch this video to learn a couple of easy drum circle patterns that will give you confidence.

Drum Circles

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