• What are your suggestions for starting a blog?

The fastest and easiest way to start a blog is with a free service  like Blogger or WordPress, but if you have any inkling that you’ll keep  up with it and expand, I suggest buying a domain, using WordPress as  your platform, and learning as you go.

The freedom to set up your blog exactly as you want it is worth the  extra hassle at the beginning—and you also won’t have to change  addresses and risk losing your readership later.

  • Can you help me with my blog?

I can certainly try, although I can’t promise anything. I’m no  expert, but I’m wiling to share what I’ve learned. Feel free to send me a  message!

  • What about monetizing a blog?

I’ve written a post about this here, and I’ll also add “Text Link Ads” to the list of ways I make money on this blog.

  • How much money do you make on the blog?

Not enough! Seriously, without giving numbers, I’ll say it’s enough to cover operating costs although nothing even near what I’d make at a part-time job.

  • Did you hire a professional to design your website? I’m shocked that I did not come across this earlier/I hope you will write more…stop!

No I did not. And thanks for the compliments, sometimes original ideas that you have seen somewhere else may have a certain appeal. I entertain comments mostly on things related to the content. Thanks for the encouragement, and If I’m writing, then you should keep reading weekly too.

  • Why don’t you have a PayPal, Mastercard, Visa button on your site?

I offer all information and suggestions free of charge, but I also greatly appreciate those who take the time to e-mails to share in my experiences and suggestions.

  • What about copyrighting?

Your writing and photos are copyrighted the moment you put them into  tangible form; you don’t need to register anything with anyone or put a  little © on it to be protected. You can, though, put that © on your work  as warning to anyone thinking of stealing that you’re watching and  don’t appreciate being stolen from.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to share your work under certain circumstances, you can also investigate Creative Commons licenses.

  • What about your photos—editing, watermarking, and where do you find photos not taken by you to use in posts?

I usually edit photos using Photoshop. Photos not taken by me that appear in blog posts almost always come from Flickr through Creative Commons licenses.

  • Have you had any privacy problems because of the blog?

No, at least not yet, but I will admit that if I lived in a more  accessible location I would probably have very different concerns about  being so public about my name, where I live, etc. Please use your own  judgment regarding your personal circumstances

  • I work in PR/ marketing/ product services/ community outreach/ advertising for a company that makes something your readers would love, can I send you a sample? Thank you, but I don’t do product reviews on Drumstutor or accept any free stuff. The reason is that I couldn’t imagine even suggesting that someone consider shelling out for something when I didn’t manufacture the product. I buy what I like and I talk about things as they seem fit; this system works a lot better for me, and seems far more transparent to readers.
  • I would like to advertise on your site. Why thank you! Send all ad-related inquiries to me on the contact page.
  • Can you tell me more about The drumstutor publications? Thank you! I’ve put everything I could possibly imagine you needing to know about the book over here.
  • Your site is fraught with errors (internet and grammar), and as an editor/copy editor/grammar junkie I feel it is my obligation to send you a list of every one of them. Thank you. I appreciate it because mistakes make me cringe (er, once I see them). However, the drumstutor website is a one-person operation, run by a very imperfect human being spinning out thousands of words a week. With this level of output, the odds of typos are extremely high. Just shoot me an email and I’ll get it fixed, ASAP.
  • I saw an ad on your site that offended me. I cannot believe you’re taking money from that terrible political candidate/evil corporation/people who kick puppies! I know that you have bills to pay but… Stop right there! First, ugh, I am very sorry. Believe me, the last thing I want on the site is political or other offensive ads, ever, and never once have I said, “Let’s put up a really obnoxious ad because it pays me well.” My ads are served by large networks that buy in bulk; sometimes these slip through and we can’t remove them until we see them. Furthermore, many ads are targeted either by region or browsing history (i.e. people who go to political sites are likely see political ads; I, predictably, see ones for percussion and drumming!) so I actually don’t see what you’re seeing. Nevertheless, shoot me an email the moment you see something you don’t like and I will immediately do everything in my power to have it taken out of the rotation.
  • I saw a joke/practical humor on your website and was offended by it. Well Helllooo!!..What part of the words “practical humor” do you not understand?!?

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